Acrylic on canvas
91 x 121.5 cm

Even dictators and serial killers used to be babies, the nadir of zoology. Yes, at one point in time, even Emperor Nero was an innocent baby, who unfortunately became a monster.  How must have his mother felt? Yes, there only remained the paralysing road of agony, with its customary tears and screams. Well, he killed her eventually. Nothing survived in the path of his brutality. Only Man alone is capable of so much lunatic destruction, right? The philosopher on the bottom left, seems to feel impotent confronted with the relativity of cruel internal and external realities which are blended with the absurd immanence in which time is keeping us imprisoned. Are we not all living the perpetual aggression of the unforeseeable? Are we predestined to the arbitrary? In history, like in everyday life, cosmogony alternated with apocalypse, nothing but daily creators and wreckers. What kind of person will our baby be? The young mother is shedding a tear, confronted with flashes of an incurable fear. Nature vs nurture? Maybe our DNA, is nothing but a modern way to express our fate? We wish the little one a quiet and happy life.