Acrylic on canvas
91.5 x 152.5cm

This painting is about the love for romance and the celebration of the old school silver screen, that like a ghost still lives in a few of us. Old motion pictures represent a balm and escapism against the harsh realities of our modern world.  A world that feels binary.  Maybe everything was just a binary metaphor? Dichotomies everywhere. Counterpoints everywhere. Power everywhere. Hopelessness everywhere. Beauty everywhere. Shocking ugliness everywhere. Contradictions everywhere, almost painful to contemplate. Contradictions that absorbed everything und uniquely reinvented everything. Ghostly echoes of their finest hour, beguiling and infuriating. Ghosts of numbing complexity, and ghosts of awful simplicity. Ghosts that defied a normal life expectancy. Of course, otherwise they wouldn’t be ghosts. Ghost that guide you to find a refuge into a world that was still healthy and unviolated? Maybe everything is just an illusion? Maybe not. But wait a bit. Maybe life is an illusion?  Curiously, the lady in red feels like an intruder into the past of the film. She doubts her own sanity but is too dazed by the implied vain mystery of the event. Everything fills her inner self with a peculiar awe. Was her endurance in the face of the absurd real? Or was her brain simply reacting to an innate blind disregard in the face of resignation? Would she be able to handle it? Or would it handle her? Make what you like of it. But let’s stick to the story. What we know is that there is a purposeful tension in the painting. A bizarre rustling fills it.  For one moment she becomes one with the film, albeit in colour while the rest of the cast remained in b&w, just like ghosts.