Acrylic on canvas
122 x 152 cm

It is an Allusion to Descarte's dictum: "I think therefore I am", and Sartre's dictum “I am therefore I think". One is essentialist, the other existentialist. I believe that existence precedes essence. That means a belief that no one has been born with any purpose but is solely responsible for their actions. It's up to the human being to show how he defines his existence. In other words, Humans are born as “nothing” and then become who they are through their choices and actions. Yes, we choose who we are. "I am therefore I think" is more intuitive. Existence is not a predicate. Therefore, Existence can't be attributed to any subject. 'I am therefore I think ' is true because it states that we are born therefore you started thinking. Who we are can’t be pinned down to a particular job or relationship. Our being is bigger than all the things at present are not, but could possibly become. Nothing has got a pre-ordained god given purpose, humans are just making it up as they go along and are free to cast aside their shackles at any moment. It is a daily hustle to survive, but it is the hustle that defines you, shapes you and makes you. Without hustle, life would feel indolent,  like a nothingness of an apathy, furthermore pale or anaemic, ashen,  and cadaverous, like an existence doomed to the empty hours of eternity. Maybe we are nothing more than an accident, right? So, why is everybody taking everything so seriously? Correct, have a laugh and get on with your hustling, Tess.