Acrylic on canvas
90 x 120 cm

No one is born with any purpose, it's up to the human being how to define his existence. There’s no need for God and the original sin. However, without God, who or what will fill the vacuum? We got to find a new meaning in a godless universe. We shouldn’t rely on inauthentic external goals. Commit to goals that you set yourself, right?  The monk, an homage to Caravaggio, seems to see that he is ready to take on his own responsibility and his joy to create life. He should find it all within himself, without the help of God. Nevertheless he seems in doubt and still sceptical. Christianity for Nietzsche was nothing but slave morality, because it has been based on the thought of the worst off. He advocated the recognition of our instincts, to overcome our limitations. Suddenly Man was responsible for himself. Not easy. God as a safety-net has disappeared, and the infection that disfigured the geometry of the globe came to a stop. Devoured by the thirst of immediacy Man played both camps, and Nietzsche was fine with that, he wasn’t an imperialist of the mind, far from it, he gave Man the sane opportunity to take responsibility back into his own hands. The philosophical nuke was dropped. From metaphysics gone wrong we all had to look towards a healthy anthropology. Maybe God is nothing else than human? Yes he is, so to speak, the outward projection of a human's inward nature, right? So, Man created God after all? Yes, Man had got to overcome himself in order to become Man, right? Our little pensive Monk is still debating whether he wants to be chained to the cross, or walk through the open door into his authentic freedom. Will he loll in his blessed torpor?  Will he wallow in his magnificent transcendental sclerosis? Or will he become Man.