Acrylic on canvas
121 x 152 cm

This painting depicts my daughter Tessie Valentina and my son Zac. The message is simple: be true to your  roots. In my daughter’s case it is to stay and be rebellious, not in a bellicose, aggressive sense of the word, but in a philosophical inquisitive manner. Don’t accept anything for true. Question it, and fight for it. We are all sexual, chaotic, ever changing and ambivalent to the core. But on the outside, we seem like a more or less stable entity with composed and symmetrical features that betray almost nothing of what is going on within. We should never stop trying to communicate a very difficult fact: what odd, immature and lonely creatures we all are. It is because we refuse to recognise this, and don’t budget enough time to absorb the grief that we are more miserable than we need to be. Audrey Hepburn represents symbolically  beauty, that has a certain aesthetic value but not a deep penetrating one. Old Che Guevara stayed true to his revolutionary roots 'til the bitter end. Well, he died in Bolivia, trying to bring the Cuban revolution to South America. Two symbols that delineate the extremities of all possibilities. Then there is her maternal feel that pushes beauty and rebellion to the side with an unintentional ease that cannot but be innate. She adores Zac and loves him to bits. Beauty, Revolution, maternal instincts what a cocktail, right? To be continued.