Acrylic on canvas
150 x 120 cm

Two monks, one conforming to a well trained monotonous drone of prayer, the other holding onto a bible, while looking at a group of gorgeous women. The Monk on the left is infused with Christian joy, he oozes a hideous magnificience. He sold his freedom by accepting that God will shape his very own destiny, while the prominent monk on the right hand side is about to accept responsibility for his own destiny. Yes, inward freedom is choosing oneself over other forms of subjugation. Caring about our freedom goes hand in hand with caring about our inner integrity. Living in a splenetic boredom of prayers, he is probing the inmost of his soul. He disagrees with his fellow monk and his morbid isolation. At this moment in time, he feels fossilised, as unhealthy fears are mounting in him, not to become narrow and mediocre. What will he do next? Will he free himself from the cross and his permanent martyrdom? Ravaged by boredom, that cyclone in slow motion, his sexual ideas of passion are devouring his brain. Has he sold his freedom to the imperialist of the sky? Let’s go back to our planet’s original chaos, our original vortex. Let’s throw into the hurricane that preceded the creation. Let’s retrace our way from cosmos to chaos, the apocalypse pf paradoxical symmetry, devoid of form or sense. What is left? The re-birth of the infinite. A biological, anthropological re-birth that connects with the sense of vital forces. Let’s embrace human communication and understanding and enjoy spontaneous love.