Acrylic on canvas
102 x 152.5 cm

Blind chance brought five power maniacs to a small random room in Soho, London, in the form of a sexual incontinent and exhibitionistic Pope, a homicidal narcissistic Emperor, a repressed opium abusing Philosopher, a self-deprecating off-piste anarchical Jew and an ironclad commitment-phobic feminist. A singular event that exhibited the chaos and rawness of their innermost selves and the inside of the workings of powers, where insults, blasphemies, vilifications, desecrations, tirades, and humiliations fly freely between these seminal figures - Pope Paul III, Napoleon Bonaparte, Friedrich Nietzsche, Simone de Beauvoir and Jesus aka Yeshua.  Each of the five characters was born to give and receive punishment. Or maybe not?  What about Rebellion? … against taboos? … against the mores of society? … against the accepted millennial truth? … against the world of their parents? Social defiance? Blame? Control-Freakishness? Boiling Omnipotence? Polymorphous Perversions? Threat? Abuse? Crime? Condemnation? Dionysian boundary Transgressions? Power as the ultimate end? Success as the ultimate goal? Wilful blindness to man’s condition? If you are what you have chosen to be, then you must live with it, right? Peril? Risk? Exploitation? Corruption? Prostitution? Biting love? Cognitive dissonance? Oppressive Father-figure? Injustice? Omen? Fate? Sacrificial Saints? Perpetual denial of recognition? Castigation? Mortification? Emasculation? Accountability for life and death? Loss of autonomy? Helpless Insanity? Obsessive-Compulsiveness? Tolerance-Phobics? Who is the accuser, and who is the accused? Who is the victim, and who is the garrotter? Failures of cognition? Reason of wisdom? Self-righteousness? Contaminated cerebral nourishment? Humiliation with aggravated abasement? Verbal-Lobotomy? Mutual incomprehension? Breathless carnal struggles? Blurred tears of pent-up desires? Underlying Ingenuity? Courageous Brilliance? Outstanding Originality? Undaunted Intuition? Phallic fixation? Egocentric Sinners? Paternal orality? Hypersexuality as an instrument of self-assurance, at the price of self-disgust? Castration anxiety? Fear of life? Self-ironic Jewish inferiority complex? Inability to love, including themselves? Hedonistic impulsiveness? Self-inflicted burdens? Vacuum of commitment? Spasm of Self-Recrimination? Babylon or Sodom and Gomorrah? Spiritual wasteland of Isaiah? Barbarities in the name of religion? Imperialism in the name of politics? Tyranny in the name philosophy? Colonialism in the name of society? Is history nothing else then a slaughterhouse of egomaniacs? Or a disillusionment of Liberation? Are we not all exiles and doomed to our marginality? Guilt? Guilt? Guilt? Did they live a life of corruption and hypocrisy where everything was promised, and nothing delivered? Maybe they were just drifters? Have they never grown-up? Have they never opted for life and growth? Disillusionment is living a life which is directionless and meaningless, simply deathlike. Ultimately, they must look inward for purpose and belief, right? For all its poverty, the place seems endowed with a truth that cannot be found elsewhere in the universe. Their thoughts returned more than ever to this freedom of theirs not to live like other people. The five characters represent the dream of success and ambition, once innocent and pure, young, full of promise and holiness, bursting with potential and energy, now driven mad, crippled, impotent, lost, searching for the past of protection and love that never existed, and finally incapable to speak to anybody anymore. Ultimately, they are reassuring us that there is no escape from history.