Acrylic on canvas
91 x 121.5 cm

When all the current reasons - moral, aesthetic, religious, social, and so on - no longer guide one’s life how can one sustain life without succumbing to nothingness? It is only possible with a connection to the absurd, for love of absolute uselessness, loving something which does not have substance, but which simulates an illusion of life, right? I live because the oceans don’t laugh, and the ants don’t cry. Man has to question everything, because all certainties that live gives us, are but appearances. Maybe it’s time to burst this vacuum like a birthday balloon, and re-think the so-called universal values, and truths, that has always been a personal expression of those who promoted them. Don’t look for convenience and comfort. Comfort is societies way of controlling your behaviour. Our limits of individuality and creativity are more important than comfort, sameness, and preservation. Find yourself and become who you truly want to be. This is a huge concept! Do you really want to be part of a herd? Remember that the heard most of the time feels insecure and threatened. The heard is clearly, afraid of change. No surprise there. To conclude, we need to go our own way, leave the herd behind, and then shine a light so bright that we can’t be ignored.  On the upper right-hand side, you see depicted a philosopher, strongly influenced by Jan Matejko, who feels discouraged and sad. So, stop living a life of mediocrity, which is sterile and insignificant.